zaterdag 12 juli 2008

How to go about on this Blog

On this blog i published my email-discussions with several people who had some comments on my article "How genuine is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar?" This polemic was after all probably more revealing than the article itself.

You can read the original article and you can read all the emails that have been send to me. I also published my replies on these emails. They can all be accessed through the menu on the right.

Because some emails are long (and some of my replies even longer), I have also made a page with a summary of the most frequently used arguments and criticisms on my views comming from AOL people. It might be a lot easier to read.

If you have read the summary you can still check out all the email-conversations since the emails themselves are quite telling. They show the way people from AOL mostly handle discussion. Which is: mostly in a rather aggressive way and without confronting the facts.

You can send in your comments, yet I shall most probably not react to them. I believe I have said all I had to say about the matter.