woensdag 14 mei 2008

Email from MV

M.V. wrote the following email:

I appreciate your writing on How genuine is sri sri ravishankar? ( I read it only yesterday)
Though I don't have enough knowledge about pshycological matters, as an Indian and most importantly as a Bangalorean I agree with your explanation.
I loved the way you replied to those who criticized your article.
Before thinking of god and religious things, there exists practical approach which you have proved magnificently.
Hatsoff to your article.

My Reply:

Thanks a lot for your kind words.
They mean a lot to me, certainly coming from a Bangalorean who is - as i got to know - daily confronted with the photographs of SSRS for example on public-transport-busses.

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Anoniem zei

I think you have scratched only the surface of something very sinister involving a world wide conspiracy.I am glad someone out there is voicing their concerns for Ravi Shankar. I know a lot about him which to my surprise hardly anyone in the net seems to have a clue.I think so far you have dealt only with the corruption side but there is something much much more to this mysterious man.There is reason as to why so much of his life is not revealed.It will come as a shock and I pity those who are being swept by this horrible tide.The whole goodwill and peace towards the world is just a front for a much much more gruesome plan which I feel the author is becoming aware of.Carry on.Do not be afraid of the "majority" who will be against you as always in history it is never the majority who are right.Remember the Nazi fervor.

Anoniem zei

Could you be a bit more specific? There are so many nice persons involved in this. Ofcourse I know they all have a personal choice and responsibility for their choices in this, but if you know what is going on and don't tell, it makes you too responsible of their (emotional)pain and (financial)loss in a way!
So: speak up and reveil the truth in order that nobody may be misled anymore.