dinsdag 15 april 2008

Email from R

'R' wrote me the following email:

I would like to know that the facts you have collected on Sri Sri are your own observations or have been from the people who have been part of the organisation.
I plan to do the course very soon. Let me know where i am heading for.

I replied:

Dear R.,

My findings, facts and arguments are partly due to my general expertise (both from personal experience as well as from my academic background) of the matter and a thorough specific research on Sri Sri in which I collected a whole lot of information from different sources - amongst which more than enough being statements of people who have been involved with AOL before.

So I'm pretty confident that the arguments in this perticular article are very solid and the description quite truthful. (On top of it, none of the various 'attacks' of AOL followers has been
able to come up with anything significant to show otherwise)

I must say I'm very happy with your open mindedness and intention to check other sources.
So please enjoy your course with AOL, see for yourself, and if you like, you can always send me your views after you've done a course.

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